DOT Net Programming:

We have strong skill set in DOT Net Programming due to its early start in our organization.We have a distinct team within the development team that works only on DOT Net projects and is headed by a practice head.
Our technical skill sets in the above include:

    • Web Services and Web Forms.
    • ASP.Net.
    • C#.
    • ADO.Net
    • DOT Net Windows Service.
    • WMI (Windows Management Interface) in DOT Net.
    • SQL Server.
    • Designing and Programming using DOT Net.
    • Migration of web-based and stand alone applications in DOT Net.

Linux Programming:

We develop dynamic database driven websites equipped with the latest web technologies like ASP, PHP, Coldfusion & Perl.
As PHP is a server side embedded scripting language and whenever a request is made the processor translates and executes all the commands in the page and outputs the result in normal HTML format. As this translation occurs at the server, this page is viewed on all browsers and on any operating system.
Due to its free availability, robustness and reliability it is seen as a main alternative to the proprietary Unix and Microsoft operating systems.

Java Programming:

Due to our product development experience we assist our clients in designing their system architecture.  Apart from our expertise on the Microsoft application we also have a team focused vertically on Java based projects using J2EE, Struts, and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) etc.

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